My name is Venassa and I am honoured to be serving as Chapter President for the Zeta Epsilon chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon for the Winter and Fall 2021 academic terms. Delta Phi Epsilon has a large history with over 100 years in the making and 109 active chapters across the United States of America and Canada. Wherever you go you are bound to run into one of our sisters with over 67,000 members in our organization.

On March 17th 1917 at the New York University School of Law our founders, the DIMES, pledged to build a women’s organization that would stand out from the rest. Our founders built our organization on the ideals of Justice, Sisterhood and Love which our sisters continue to uphold in our daily lives.
Delta Phi Epsilon’s motto is “Esse Quam Videri” which translates to “to be rather than to seem to be”. The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon are the most genuine people you will meet and we strive to uphold this ideal in everything that we do. Delta Phi Epsilon sisters can be found raising money for our three philanthropies, as faces on your television screen, as senators in the US government, and as the women you see every day. I have never felt more at home in university than I have with my sisters and I am so proud of everything we have accomplished in our 103 years as an organization.

You will find our sisters not only excelling in Zeta Epsilon but as leaders all across campus whether it be through Fall Orientation, Student Societies or as staff within the Carleton Community. We strive to be as well rounded as possible by focusing on not only academics but also having a valuable university experience.
I have been involved with the Zeta Epsilon chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon since Fall 2017 and found myself not only growing as a sister but as a person, leader, and student within the Carleton community. Zeta Epsilon has allowed me countless opportunities to travel and meet some amazing women from across North America that I am proud to call my sisters.
As you explore our website I encourage you to reach out to us through our social media or emails and let us know of any questions you may have for us.
I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy.

Venassa Baptiste.

 VP of Operations: Mary Pat MacRae
VP of Recruitment: Carly Bradshaw
Member At Large: Isabella Sanchez