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"Joining DPhiE has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was introduced to DPhiE by a few mutual friends and fell in love at the first night of recruitment. It immediately provided me with a space where I was able to make new lifelong friends, build my resume, and have a calendar full of events and activities to keep me involved throughout university. Through DPhiE, I was able to meet my big and 3 littles who are my best friends and rocks. I have also made so many other friends, including my future bridesmaids. During COVID-19 lockdowns, DPhiE was one of the only things that provided me with routine. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to participate in virtual events while everything felt like it was falling apart. With this being said, I am so excited to start my term as President of the Zeta Epsilon chapter of DPhiE and look forward to further creating a space for everyone to thrive, regardless of their background. Thank you Zeta Epsilon for providing me with the opportunity to grow, lead, and inspire. If you’ve been missing out on these opportunities recently due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, or if you just want to make some new friends, come out to our recruitment events! 2022 here we come!"

-Julia Giacobbi (she/her)

2022 Chapter President

 VP of Operations: Alexandra Tassoni (she/her)
VP of Recruitment: Ava Anderson (she/her)
Member At Large: Tiva Rait (she/her)