At Carleton, CUS (Carleton University Sororities - the overseeing body for three international sororities at Carleton) hosts formal recruitment. Contrary to the name, you are not expected to come dressed in an evening gown. You will, however, get the opportunity to meet and get to know each of Carleton's three Panhellenic organizations. It is a mutual selection process, so you choose us just as much as we choose you. As a part of NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) we run what is called Values Based Recruitment, where there aren't any crazy frills or excessive decorations, but we seek to get to know girls on a much more personal level. Come recruitment, there will be an info night, and two open rounds of recruitment. After these rounds, the next is invitation only, and finally Bid Day is a celebration as each organization welcomes their new members home for the very first time. It can be a confusing process, but if you have any further questions about how it works, feel free to reach out to our VP of Recruitment, or the Panhellenic recruitment team! 


Participating in recruitment does not cost money, but being in a sorority is just like any other club or varsity sport in that the members must pay a fee in order to participate in the programming. The Delta Phi Epsilon New Member fee is $400, and the active member fee is $250 per semester. This money pays for internal programming, apparel, international dues, as well as donating to our philanthropies, and at recruitment our Director of Finance will show the official breakdown. We do however offer a variety of payment plans that allow sisters to make smaller payments rather than a large lump sum upfront. 


Recruitment can be a little overwhelming and intimidating at first, but it is also a lot of fun. Throughout the process, you will learn more about each of the organizations including their values, their philanthropies, and the events that they hold throughout the year so you can decide where you fit best. You will also be speaking to members of the organizations about a variety of topics so that you can both get to know each other on a more personal level. The Panhellenic Recruitment Team and your Rho Gammas (disaffiliated sisters who serve as mentors for all Potential New Members) will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you are making the decision that is right for you. 


Yes, there is a dress code for each party that has been released by CUS in their recruitment guide that you can view here. Typically, however, the first round is casual, the second is business casual, preference round is semi-formal, and Bid Day is casual.  


CUS makes every effort to ensure that girls do not have to miss class in order to attend a recruitment event. Events take place after classes have ended or on weekends. Academic excellence is something prized by each Panhellenic organization and so missing class in order to attend a recruitment event goes against our principles and that's something we would never ask a PNM to do. 


Being a part of an NPC sorority means being a part of a sisterhood that has been around for over a hundred years. It provides opportunities for networking across Canada and the USA, as well as a support system that isn't just for four years, but for life. Delta Phi Epsilon holds itself to a high standard of personal and academic excellence, social and philanthropic involvement, and strong sisterhood. Our sisters leave their undergraduate career as ambitious, confident, intelligent, and well-rounded women ready to take on the world.