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The Zeta Epsilon chapter is aware of the barriers, concerns, and questions that come with finances, especially from the unique perspectives of university students. Our chapter is proud to offer specialized financial payment plans in addition to our standard plans to alleviate some stress that may come with the financial aspect of Greek Life. Any questions or concerns regarding finances can be emailed to our Operations team:

Vice President of Operations:

Director of Finance:



A new member is someone who is in their first semester as an active member of the chapter. Simply put, your new member semester is typically the most expensive semester in DPhiE. Many one-time costs are charged during this time, making it financially different from other semesters in DPhiE.

2023 New Member Dues:

New Member Fees: $75.00

Initiation Fees: $130.00

Merch & Apparel: $118.00

Pinning: $7.00

Initiation: $30.00

New Member Education: $75.00 

Bid Day Gifts: $50.00

Educational Foundation Donations: $25.00

College Panhellenic Dues: $10.00

Sisterhood Badge: $40.00

= $560.00

Active members are individuals who are outside of their new member semester, or 1st semester in DPhiE. 


1st Semester Active Dues:

General Dues: $334.00 

Per Capita Fee: $75.00 

College Panhellenic Dues: $10.00 

Insurance: $16.78

Educational Foundation Donations: $25.00

= $460.00

2nd Semester Active Dues:

General Dues: $357.22

Per Capita Fee: $76.00 

Insurance: $16.78

= $460.00


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