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As an organization, we recognize how confusing sorority and Greek-community related terminology can be. On this page, you will find definitions and explanations of our most used recruitment terminology! Additional definitions can be found here


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NPC (National Panhellenic Conference) is an umbrella organization home to 26 national and international sororities across the United States and Canada. Delta Phi Epsilon became a member of the NPC in 1951. Carleton University is home to one other NPC organization- Alpha Omicron Pi, Gamma Chi Chapter. Together, we form the Panhellenic council at Carleton! 


A PNM (Potential New Member) is someone who is interested in joining a sorority and participating in recruitment. Throughout the recruitment process, you will likely hear this term used by active members. 


Rho Gammas are individuals who set their affiliation with a sorority aside to assist PNMs during the fall recruitment process.


DPhiE (DEE-FI-E) is the abbreviated form of Delta Phi Epsilon. Given this, members commonly refer to themselves as Deephers. 


Active Members are individuals who are a participating member of a given sorority. During Recruitment, active members are who you will be meeting.


Dues are the sorority equivalent of tuition. Dues are what members pay to finance our programming, apparel, and more. You can find more information about our Fall/Winter 2022-2023 dues here.


Chapters are chartered groups under a parent organization. It refers to the individual communities at a given school. At Carleton, we are the Zeta Epsilon chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon!

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